Tuesday, September 30, 2014

happy 3rd adoption day, polly!

we became a family of three, exactly 1095 days ago. 
and every single day since, our lives are better because of polly lewis heckel.

she cheers for our favorite football teams.

her favorite thing to do is relax

or politely ask for a french fry

she misses us when we are away

sometimes she wishes we could all just go to sleep

she likes to mingle with the local wildlife

she agrees, leonardo dicaprio deserved the oscar! 

she is a small but mighty watch dog

she helped us move into our new house

and she has, quite possibly, the cutest puppy dog face in the world

i never once thought that i would meet the love of my life in chicago.
how lucky am i to have found two?

 happy adoption day, polly!
we hope you like your life with us, because we can't imagine ours without you.

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