Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the ninth month of the year.

i've always loved fall, and september is the starting point. it's the month of back to school shopping, block parties, homecomings. well, at least it was. now september is just another month. i don't get to buy new supplies for my office, i don't have a reason to splurge on clothing purchases, and i sure as hell don't live in a world where it's socially acceptable to take a shot of beer every minute for an hour, and then depart my home at 11am with a 6pack of beast ice in my longchamp, holding a mimosa in a solo cup.

what do i have to look forward to? the september issue of vogue? gee great, thanks anna wintour. you see 450 pages of profit, i see 450 pages of why my life will never be complete because the closest i'm getting to couture is watching the contestants on project runway make a dress out of a shower curtain. so guess what september? this month i'm seeing my absolute favorite band of all time in concert. and then i'm going to a little country called the people's republic of china.


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